gaming_nOkay I’m so done with some of the gaming community!

Everyone who has been abusing the woman is a total ass hat! Who the f**k in  this day and age is still this narrow minded that they think Anita Sarkeesian, a cultural critic,  is destroying video games? Who would spend so much time and energy to photoshop images of people raping her, making a game where you can beat her to in inch of her life, send enough death threats to make her need to leave her house, or threaten death and carnage on a school because she is speaking her mind!

I have been a part of the gaming community ever since I was playing a hand me down an atari 2600 at the age of 4 and I have never felt shame about being a part of this community, until now. We as a community need to stand together and stop letting these horrible people, that would abuse a woman because of her views, define us. Let’s rise above this shit and show we are better then this!anitas_law

I for one am no longer going to let these stories slide, I’m going to find a way to show my support to the kind and noble gamers out there like Anita Sarkeesian, and show the would we can stand together and not let something like this stand!


Read more here about the School threat story.

And watch this talk about what some people have been doing to Anita:

Sorry about the rant, but this stuff has been bugging me.