Well we just had our launch party for the project I have been working on over at Microsoft! We had an open bar and unlimited non ticket games over at Dave and Busters for 250 people. Needless to say things got a bit crazy… Apparently  nerds can party down. My achievement  of the night was beating that Star Trek voyager arcade game. It’s not hard with unlimited funds but with my own money I have only ever seen the first 2 levels of that game, good to know there is more past those early levels.

And here is good news for all of you! I’m going to be working 40 hour weeks instead of 60-80 that I have been doing. So now I have time to start doing the comics again! I’ll be updating 4 days a week for mock girl and 2 days a week for Terra’s diary! So back to normal.

Wish I could tell you all what I have been doing over at Microsoft, because it’s super cool! But alas I singed a non disclosure agreement so I can’t talk about it… Sigh… Just know if you are using the the new Windows 8.1 I was a part of that update and there was 3D modeling / editing  involved.

Well I think I’m going to go see Thor 2 and then go to bed.