Okay gang I know I have dropped off the face of the earth the last few months, or year now. I’m super sorry for that, a lot was and has been going on in my life that kept me from making comics, both good and bad, and I do feel bad for just leaving things up in the air. So here’s the reasons why things went down like they did and what is coming in the future.

So first off why did I stop making comics? Well the long and short of it was I was sick and tired of the hate and virtual that was coming from a mob of people constantly attacking me. At these attacks height I was reserving hate mail and death threats just about every day and it became too much for me to deal with. Someone doxed me and that hit freaked me the hell out (don’t worry I moved), along with other problematic stuff that kept happening. So after all this shit I just kind of shut down, and it took me a long time to recover. That said I do appreciate all the love and support form most of you out there in internet land and I’m sorry a mob of angry people ruined something you all enjoyed.

As for what is coming next, of late I have been feeling better about my life and have made big steps to improving myself enough that I can be creative again. So I’m going to do one last ark of the comic to wrap things up I would rather this comic have a real ending instead of what I have left you with. These are going to be full page comics, these will come out when I feel they are done. Chances are you will be seeing a page or two a month and if will likely be done by the end of 2020. Also during 2020 I  am starting a 3d animation studio called Terranimations that will be posting on YouTube. It’s going to be 3D animated shorts that could turn into something longer. I’ll keep you apprised as things happen.

But yeah, that’s what’s up, I hope you all understand why this went down.