I have been looking for a new place to live in San Francisco and I have a “looking for a room” posting on craigslist. Today I get this reply to my post:

We have an escort service with 6 girls and we are looking for more. You’d make $1000+ each day you work. We book everything ahead of time according to your schedule, you show up, collect the money and do your thing. We p­re-schedule all of your appointments for you. All of our customers are either return customers, or screened, work verified, and send a picture. We try to provide at least an hour in between appointments. We book and prepay your room. You check in. Customer shows up and you collect $300 for each hour of the per-booked appointment. $150 of this is yours plus a­ny tips you earn. We only book 1 hour or­ more appointments. Sometimes our customers take our ladies on all expense paid ­vacations or weekend trips which you will love. At that point the agency negotiates a flat rate which we split 50/50 and­ see if you’re schedule works and you ar­e willing. An average day will have 6-7 ­1 hour appointments and should yield you­ $1000 plus tips. The hotel will always ­be high end 3 stars or higher, usually 4­ or 5. Please let me know what you think.

That’s right I just got a request to become a hooker. First time for everything.