So here is my announcement speech!

Good afternoon, Today we celebrate those who that have walked the long, hard path toward equality. We celebrate our unique qualities, whose diversity make our community stronger.  We celebrate the brave individuals who continue to fight for the world that everyone should have.

This fight is found everywhere. It is with the 13-year-old saying to the world, “this is who I am, I will not hide the true me!” It is with protestors, standing tall against discrimination—upholding our rights—arguing to recognize our civil liberties. We fight this fight, standing hand-in-hand saying, “we are all equals, we are all family, and there’s no room for hate in our hearts.”

I know, many still cling to old ideals—many who see nothing but a world of no’s.

No, You cannot be who you are; we do not understand it.
No, You cannot love that person; we do not accept it.
No, You cannot come here from that country; we do not welcome it.
No, You cannot practice that religion; we fear it.
No, You cannot have basic human rights; we see you as different.

No. Does. Nothing.

This world of no’s cannot and should have never have been the world we live in.

I’ve experienced this hatred because of who I am and because I had the audacity to speak out for my rights and the rights of others like me. When the old guard of the world of no’s decided that I and other’s like me were the enemies, I knew I had to act, not for my sake, but for the sake of all those who have experienced that same hatred. For those who have lived far too long in that hostile and toxic environment.

As a community we must let our voices be heard, we must speak, shout, march, work, we must show up at the polls, and above all else, we must love each other because hate divides us all.

I stand here today to make a humble request. I wish to be our voice of compassion and reason in the United States House of Representatives. I will bring our fight to Washington. I will bring a voice of understanding—a voice that says:

YES. You have every right to be who you are.
YES. You and your family deserve to live free, healthy, and without fear!
YES. Join us in this beautiful experiment we call America.
YES. Let’s create a better future for all, not just a lucky few.

We better each other when we come together as a community. When we come together, we can make a difference. When we work together, we will make a difference! I know we can do it, we have come so far already. Now let’s go a bit further. Let’s once more change the world, not just for ourselves, but for every person in this beautiful country.

Thank you and may our love shine for the entire world to see!