UPDATE 12-17-2013

So the water pipes in the apartment above me broke last friday. They are doing repairs on my place all this week. So I’m stuck in a hotel until friday with nothing but my gameboy, it’s times like this I wish I had a tablet to do my comic. So no new comics until I am able to get back in the house and do some work. Sorry…


So I have been working hard over at Microsoft, and up till today I could not tell anyone what I have been working on. But now that the open beta is out I can! I have been working on the Bing 3D Map App for windows 8.1. I am on the 3d team, we are the people that made all the houses, buildings, and other stuff you see in the program. So everything other then street side view. So if you download the App and look around at the 70 cites done so far I have done something in said city!

I’ll post some of the best buildings that I have done up here now and then, but for now let my boss show you the program:


So I’m changing Sam’s hair. I have narrowed it down to the choices I like now I’ll let you all make the final call!
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