I’m going to be at denver comic con next weekend and am going to be selling prints of female DC characters with non slit clothing. I have 5 drawings left to do and an asking for your help, I need feedback on the drawings I have done also what you would pay for a 11 by 17 of said drawings, and what other female DC character you would like to see me draw. Thanks for the help.



This has been a hell of a few months.

Started off deeply depressed and a bit suicidal… Thank Odin for good finds talking me down. Then when my spirit got back up, and I wanted to start doing stuff again my computer died. Again I’m super fortunate I have good friends because one of them is now loaning me his old computer. Then I go to retrieve my files from the HD of my old computer and it says my files are corrupt. That includes all of Mock Girl. I was freaking out! With some luck and a linux formatted laptop I was able to save 90% of my files. Then The when I tried to do anything with the files nothing would work found out each file had some serious permission problems. I had to go into each file, not just the folders, and change the permission settings for every panel in every comic so the program I use to compile the comic could open without crashing… But now It’s up and running and I can start updating again!