Okay people I’m alive and well-ish, things just got very crazy, super fast.

To start things off I was getting geared up to move to Vancouver BC working a lot of overtime to save up enough money to do so. At the same time I was fighting more depression (that is why I missed a few updates the first week). Then out of nowhere I got called by a Microsoft recruiter asking if I wanted a 3d modeling job right away. I said yes and they started me working A LOT of hours, I did 70 hours last week, and with an hour drive each way I have only had time to sleep at home, some nights I didn’t even have time to go home and had to sleep at the office. So I kind of put the comic on the back burner… I should not have but I did. I am super sorry about that!

I did manage to get a comic done last night and I am going to take a day off this week to apartment hunt and make comics. So you will be seeing comics again starting thursday. I am also getting a tablet computer so I can do comics during lunch at work, so again comics should be back to normal.