Edit 2-15-2014

Well Those ideas Didn’t work.


News and changes:
I’m trying to move to Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver to be exact. I have wanted to move there for years now. It’s cold, the government is more my style, and I just found out that the Medical Services Plan covers sexual reassignment surgery! So if I move there I wouldn’t need to beg for money via the comic anymore! So here is what I’m doing I’m using the $1,500 in donations I have gotten so far to pay off most of the medical bills the insurance company in the USA refused to cover. And I’m going to do a fundraiser to help cover the costs to immigrate to BC.

It costs around $1,400 to get all the paperwork processed and the gas to move there. I can cover most of the costs myself, but it would require me to not do anything but work over the next few months. So if I get donations I’ll update more days a week forever!
$150: Mock Girl 4 days a week
$300: Terra’s Diary 3 days a week
$450: Mock Girl 5 days a week
$600: Terra’s Diary 4 days a week
$750: Mock Girl 6 days a week
$900: Terra’s Diary 5 days a week
$1,000: Mock Girl 7 days a week
$1,100: Make a new comic that updates 1 days a week.
$1,200: New comic that updates 2 days a week.
$1,300: New comic that updates 3 days a week.
$1,400: New comic that updates 4 days a week.


I’m going to do a Live stream, at 5PM (Mountain Daylight Time), where I will be drawing your requests for the Mock Girl or Terra’s Diary characters. You can tweet me (@jadegear) Or email me (terra@terrasnover.com) with the requests. I’ll pick the ones I like and draw em any you can watch!
Then when I’m done with them I’ll post them on my page and twitter. Then I’ll sell the drawings I did for $20 or $15 if you are the one who suggested it (plus shipping).


Okay kids, I have been thinking more and more about making a nonprofit, where fellow artists and I make artwork, comics, etc. to fund-raise for transgender people’s surgery costs. The nonprofit would run kind of like the Humble Bundle where you could donate to the surgeries and/or the contributing artists.

The problem is filling for a nonprofit is around $1,000. So I’m trying to figure out if people would be willing to chip in $10 or more to get things up and running? If I can get people willing to donate close to that amount I’ll spend the time to help all my TG brothers and sisters out there, and make this a thing happen.