So im going to start making another comic (because I’m a glutton for punishment) I have a few different ideas for said comic, but I can’t make up my damn mind. So I’ll make you do it for me pick the one you like the best the at the end of the voting period the one with the most votes will be made, the rest will live here to stagnate until someone forks up the money for another one. Voting ends April 17th 2013

Comic Name:
Terra’s Diary

Genre: Journal ComicUpdates a week: 2

Cost for more update days: $15

The World: Want a comic about me and my life? Really you want that? Okay whatever you want. Well this one would be about my day to day and the things that happen to me and the random shit I think about.




AnotherOnlineComic Name: Another Online

Genre: Action Drama

Updates a week: 2

Cost for more update days: $30

The World: In the year 2038 brain hookup games are all the rage. A steampunk MMO called Another Online is one of the more popular MMO’s on the market has 32 million players and has a reputation for being one of the most ruthless games on the market, meaning your character only has one life. An unknown disaster strikes the earth without warning killing everyone. Those players who are playing a brain hook game still die, but their conciseness survive on the servers. How does life continue knowing you are the last humans “alive” with no hope for the human race? This comic will find out.

PS I know this is a lot like “sword art online” but I don’t care.




Comic Name: Bonded Shadows

Genre: Dark comedy / monster hunter

Updates a week: 2

Cost for more update days: $30

The World: Some people have something called “The Gift of the Shadows” that allow them to see, catch and bind  spirits to their shadows. These people then can use these shadows to do all kinds of crazy things, but the most common thing is shadow battles where the shadows will battle to the death, granting the victor more power.




Comic Name: Dead Dread

Genre: Comedy, gag a day

Updates a week: 3

Cost for more update days: $15

The World: So your dead, what now? Well most people go to their afterlife of their choice, but some just don’t quite fit in anywhere. Those that don’t fit in are sent away to Nowhere, a town in the middle of a void. The “people” of Nowhere spend the rest of their existence along all the castaways oni, spirit, demons, etc.